Champions League Highlights

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“Champions League Highlights” – video overviews of the international soccer tournament UEFA Champions League. The videos are sorted by placement date. Enjoy watching!

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Champions League Highlights:

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Champions League highlights are short and informative videos of matches in the international UEFA Champions League soccer tournament. The clips include dangerous, scoring and funny moments from the past matches.

Champions League Cup
Champions League Cup

UEFA Champions League is a prestigious international soccer tournament held under the auspices of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). The tournament brings together the best club teams in Europe, which got their ticket due to successful performance in the national championships.

UEFA Champions League is a multi-stage tournament, consisting of four main stages. The first stage is the preliminary round, the second is the qualifying rounds, the third is the group stage and the fourth is the playoff round. In each round, except for the preliminary round, the team plays two matches against an opponent, on its field and on the field of the opponent.

In qualifying and playoff rounds, the victory is awarded to the team on the basis of the sum of the two meetings. The team who scores the most goals against the opponent wins. In the group stage, you should not be guided by the number of goals, but by the result in a particular match.

Each victory gives a team 3 points and a draw 1 point. To qualify for the group stage, the team must place first or second in their group. Third place allows the team to continue in the UEFA Europa League 1/16 finals.

The playoffs round is divided into several stages according to the classical system: 1/8, ¼ and ½. The final match consists of one match and takes place on a neutral field. The winner of the final receives the silver cup and the right to play in the European Super Cup and the World Club Championship.

The most titled team is Spanish Real Madrid (14 titles). The second place in the ranking is occupied by Italian AC Milan (7 titles) and the third place is shared by German club Bayern and English Liverpool (6 titles each).

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