Russian national team highlights

Обзор матчей сборной России

“Russian national team highlights” is video reviews of official and friendly matches of the Russian national soccer team. The videos are sorted by date of posting on the site.

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Russian national team highlights:

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Russian national team highlights – short and informative video reviews of international matches of the Russian national soccer team. The video includes dangerous, goal and funny moments of the past matches.

Russian national soccer team
Russian national soccer team

Russian national soccer team is a national soccer team that represents Russia in official and friendly matches and international competitions under the control of the Russian Football Union (RFU).

The Russian national football team has been competing internationally under the auspices of FIFA since 1912 and under the auspices of UEFA since 1954. The team is currently suspended from international games for political reasons unrelated to sports.

The best achievements of the national team were back in the period of the USSR. In 1956 and 1988 – Olympic gold medals; in 1960 – European champion; in 1966 – 4th place at the World Championship. In more recent times (since 1992), the best achievement is the bronze medal at the 2008 European Championship and the ¼ final of the home World Cup 2018.

Interesting fact: In Europe, our team is called quite simply “Sbornaya”. Europeans heard this name from our fans and began to call it so themselves. The official nickname of the Russian national soccer team is “Our Boys”. The RFU believe that the brand they have created will help the national team unite players and fans.

The traditional colors of the uniforms worn by the Russian national soccer team are the colors of the national flag (white, red, blue). Matches are broadcast on the country’s most popular TV channels and internet portals (Channel One, Russia-1, Match TV, RFU, Okko Sport, Kinopoisk).

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