Double-double in basketball

Double-double in basketball

In the article “Double-Double in basketball” we will talk about the statistical term in basketball known as “double-double”, what it means and how an athlete can achieve it.

Double-double is one of the most impressive and important statistics in basketball. The term “double-double” means that a player has reached double digits in two major statistical categories in a single game. These categories usually include points and rebounds, but can include blocked shots, assists or steals.

Block shot in basketball
Block shot in basketball

The most common categories for achieving a double-double are points and rebounds. To reach double-digit points, a player must score at least 10 points per game. And to reach double-digit rebounds, a player must collect at least 10 balls after an opponent misses.

These two categories are key in evaluating a player’s overall performance and impact on game results. The number of double-doubles a player makes in a season is sometimes an indicator of his versatility and contribution to the team.

The double-double became a popular concept in basketball in the 1970s and over time has become one of the most prestigious achievements for players. It symbolizes a player’s contribution to different aspects of the game, emphasizing his versatility and ability to influence results.

Legendary basketball players such as Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Karl Malone were distinguished for their skills and ability to make double-doubles throughout their careers. Modern stars like LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Joel Embiid are also active participants in achieving double-doubles.

Assists in basketball
Assists in basketball

In addition to the double-double, there is also such a concept as a “triple-double”. To achieve it, a player must reach double digits in three statistical categories in a single game. A triple-double is an even more impressive and rare achievement, indicating a player’s outstanding skills and versatility. Triple-double players have a significant impact on a team’s play and results.

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The hardest part is reaching double digits in steals, the all-time record for which is only 11 per game. In the entire history of NBA statistics since 1973, there have only been 19 such instances.

Scoring 10 blocked shots per game is also a rarity in the NBA, and usually occurs on average only 4 times per season. The most difficult triple-double was accomplished by Alvin Robertson in 1986, when he managed to score double-digits in rebounds, assists and steals.

Interceptions in basketball
Interceptions in basketball

If a player has reached double-digit points in 4 categories, it is called a quadruple-double. Such a phenomenon is rare and shows the incredible talent of a player. It became possible to achieve a quadruple-double only after 1973, when interceptions and blocked shots were taken into account. Only 4 quadruple-doubles have been recorded in the history of the NBA, made by Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson.

It is very difficult to make a quadruple-double not in NBA tournaments because in the NBA a game lasts 48 minutes, while in other tournaments the playing time is only 40 minutes. However, such cases are known not only among professional players, but also among youth players of different countries.

There is also the concept of a quintuple-double, but no one has managed to accomplish it so far. You need to reach double digits in five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots.

In conclusion, to accomplish a double-double or triple-double is an achievement in basketball that will require a player to combine physical skills, technical proficiency, teamwork, and the ability to maintain high performance throughout the game. These are indicators of a good player who is capable of making important contributions to the success of his team.

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What do you think, is it possible to do a double triple-double, i.e. score 20 points instead of 10? Check out the answer in the video below.

Double triple-double in NBA

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