Europa League Highlights

Обзор Лиги Европы

“Europa League Highlights” is a video review of soccer matches of the UEFA Europa League. Goal and dangerous moments + comments of professional journalists. Enjoy watching!

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Europa League Highlights:

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Europa League Highlights is a snapshot of the main, dangerous and goal-scoring moments of matches in the annual UEFA Europa League soccer tournament. The videos on the page are sorted by match date.

UEFA Europa League Cup
UEFA Europa League Cup

UEFA Europa League is the second strongest European club soccer tournament under the auspices of UEFA. The tournament is played by teams that have won their country’s Cup, won a prize/higher place in the national championship or lost in the qualifying round of the Champions League.

UEFA soccer tournaments are multi-stage, the Europa League is no exception, it consists of 3 main stages. The first stage is the qualifying rounds, the second and main is the group stage, and the third is the playoff round.

In each round, the team plays against an opponent in 2 games, on their home field and on the field of the opponent. On the sum of the two meetings, the team with the best result goes on. The distinguishing feature of the qualification matches and the playoff round is not winning, but the number of goals scored: the one who scores more goals advances to the next round.

In the group round, a particular result in a match is of great importance. Each win brings the club 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points. Third place in the group allows the team to continue in the UEFA Conference League.

The winner of the tournament is awarded with a 15-point cup, receives the right to play in the UEFA Super Cup and receives a ticket to the group stage of the Champions League next season.

Russian clubs have twice won the UEFA Europa League trophy, with CSKA winning it in 2005 and Zenit in 2008. Each victory in the UEFA Europa League allowed us to increase interest in Russian soccer and sports in general. If we digitize the result of popularization, it’s + 2 million people.

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