WTA Rankings

Рейтинг WTA

“WTA Rankings” is the world ranking from the Women’s Tennis Association, which is used by the WTA to seed players in tournaments and determine the “best racket in the world.”

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WTA Rankings:

*Winner*20002 000
*Runner Up*13001 300
*4th Round*240
*3rd Round*130240
*2nd Round*70130
*1st Round*1010

WTA rankings are the world rankings from the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). WTA is one of the largest and most influential tennis associations in the world and is the main organizer of women’s tennis competitions.

Like the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) the WTA holds five major tours each year:

  • WTA 125 (28 tournaments);
  • WTA 250 (43 tournaments);
  • WTA 500 (16 tournaments);
  • WTA 1000 (9 tournaments);
  • WTA Finals.

For example, the WTA 250 is a tennis tour that consists of 43 separate tournaments. The tennis player who wins each of them will receive 280 points in the ranking. The prize pool for any tournament on the tour is $250,000. The WTA 500 – contains 16 tournaments and each winner will receive 470 ranking points and the prize pool is $500,000.

Unlike the ATP 250, the Kremlin Cup and the St. Petersburg Open are part of the WTA 500. Four Grand Slam tournaments (the four biggest tournaments in the world) are also included in the WTA Rankings. For winning them an athlete can get 2 000 points in credit. For the WTA Finals the winner will get 1,500 points added to the ranking.

At the end of the year, the top 8 tennis players have the right to participate in the Final Tour, which sums up the tennis season. Winning the tournament is the most prestigious and equals the title of world champion.

The WTA ranking is important for draws in tournaments, as well as for seeding in singles and doubles. WTA rankings are also used to help women tennis players achieve the honorary title of World No. 1.

Rating is automatically updated weekly. The ranking points earned are reset every 52 weeks.

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