Conference League Highlights

Обзор Лиги конференций

“Conference League Highlights” are video highlights of UEFA Conference League soccer matches. The videos are sorted by date posted. Enjoy watching!

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Conference League Highlights:

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Conference League Highlights is a slicing of the highlights of a UEFA Conference League soccer match into a short and informative video up to 10 minutes long. All videos are commentated by professional journalists.

Conference League Cup
Conference League Cup

UEFA Conference League is the third strongest and most prestigious European club soccer tournament. The tournament is played by teams that have finished in the national championship or lost in the qualifying/qualifying rounds of the Champions League and the Europa League.

The Conference League is a multi-stage tournament and consists of 3 main stages/stages. The first stage is the qualifying or qualifying rounds, the second and main stage is the group stage and the third is the playoff round. Each round of the tournament is accompanied by a separate draw.

Qualifying matches and the playoffs round are held under the cup system, but the team meets with each opponent not once, but twice: at home and at the opponent’s field. On the sum of the two meetings, the winner is determined: the one who scores more goals passes on.

In the group stage, the teams also meet each other twice, but the winner is not the one who scores more goals, but the one who earns more points. Each win is worth 3 points, a draw is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points.

The winner of each group goes directly to the 1/8 finals, second place allows you to continue the tournament, but from the 1/16 finals stage. The final of the tournament consists of one match and takes place on a neutral field.

The winner of the UEFA Conference League is awarded an 11k cup, receives a ticket to the group stage of the next season’s Europa League, and also receives a cheque for 5 million euros.

Review of the UEFA Conference League will allow you to follow the best teams in Europe, enjoy the bright soccer, and once again experience the positive emotions from the victory of your favorite club. Enjoy! :-)

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