Transfer expectations in the KHL: where Radulov will go, what will happen to Korshkov

Трансферные ожидания в КХЛ

In our article “Transfer expectations in the KHL” we discuss potential transfers in the KHL that could significantly change the balance of power in the upcoming season.

In anticipation of the opening of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) transfer window, the sports community is actively discussing potential transfers that could significantly change the balance of power in the upcoming season. From the potential appointment of Anvar Gatiyatulin to the likely move of Kirill Petrov to Amur, these rumors have already had a significant resonance among fans and experts. At the same time, even the current season is not over yet – by the way, experts are confident that Lokomotiv Yaroslavl will win the Gagarin Cup.

Gatiyatulin and Sibir: an unexpected twist

Anvar Gatiyatulin
Anvar Gatiyatulin

The most high-profile and controversial story was the situation with Anvar Gatiyatulin and his potential appointment to Sibir.

Initially, reports of his arrival at the Novosibirsk club seemed almost a done deal, but Gatiyatulin’s subsequent refusal and the alleged influence of Novosibirsk governor Andrei Travnikov added drama to the story.

The prospect of seeing Gatiyatulin as Ak Bars head coach seems logical not only in the context of Gatiyatulin’s professional qualities, but also his Tatar origin, which fits in with the classic traditions of Tatarstan hockey. Also of interest is Gatiyatulin’s possible cooperation with Ilya Vorobyov at CSKA, which could be a significant strengthening for the Moscow club.

“Amur” and the search for star players: from Radulov to Petrov

Another significant moment of the transfer preseason has to do with Amur and their attempts to attract star players. Rumors of an offer to Alexander Radulov, which were eventually denied by the player’s agents, caused a wide public outcry. That said, the attention to Kirill Petrov, Radulov’s younger Ak Bars teammate, shows Amur’s desire to find a player capable of strengthening the team and bringing new qualities to its game.

Egor Korshkov looking forward to new challenges with Avtomobilist

Egor Korshkov
Egor Korshkov

A change of club for a hockey player is not just a new page in his career, but also a chance for a reset, new achievements and an opportunity to assert himself with new vigor. Egor Korshkov, whose upcoming move from Amur to Avtomobilist has caused a wide resonance, has been in the center of attention not only of fans, but also of hockey experts. After the official announcement that Korshkov was leaving the Khabarovsk club, the sports community followed the developments around his future with interest.

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The move to Avtomobilist gives Korshkov a unique opportunity to influence the game of the team, which is currently actively fighting for high places in the Gagarin Cup and is looking to rejuvenate the roster. Egor Korshkov, with his experience and skills, could be the key player that helps Avtomobilist reach new heights. For Korshkov, it’s a chance to prove that his best years are still ahead of him.

“Salavat Yulaev” and “Avangard”: transfer maneuvers

The situation at Salavat Yulaev is also drawing attention with its plans for the transfer market. Pavel Koledov’s departure to Avangard and the possible parting of ways with Sergei Shmelev indicate the Ufa club’s desire to upgrade and strengthen the roster. However, Alexander Khmelevsky’s decision to stay with the team, having signed a new contract, will certainly be a significant strengthening for Salavat, given his leadership qualities and game contribution.

“Avangard” is set for radical strengthening

Avangard Omsk, one of the leaders of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), faces the ambitious task of strengthening its roster before the new season. The club’s main focus has shifted to finding and attracting skilled players for the positions of right-handed center-forward and first-grip defenseman. These transfer targets, set by general manager Anton Kurianov, underscore Avangard’s desire not only to remain competitive in the league, but also to significantly strengthen its offensive potential and defensive reliability.

Philippe Maillet
Philippe Maillet

Avangard is particularly interested in two players, each of whom can make a significant contribution to the team’s reinforcement. Philippe Maillet, ex-Magnitogorsk forward, has previously announced himself as a top-notch player in the KHL, but decided to try his hand overseas by signing with Montreal. Despite spending most of his time in the American Hockey League (AHL), Maillet’s potential and experience in the KHL make him a desirable candidate for Avangard.

Linden Vey, who was considered by the club back in the summer for a transfer from Germany, is also of interest to the Omsk team. His skills and experience could be a valuable addition to Avangard’s offensive line, strengthening the team’s position in the battle for top honors in the upcoming season.

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The search for specialized players underscores the strategic approach of Avangard’s management in building the team. A right-handed center-forward and first-grip defenseman are key elements in modern hockey, capable of having a significant impact on both the team’s defensive and offensive efforts. Strengthening these positions will allow Avangard to not only improve its competitiveness, but also offer a more diverse and powerful game, which will undoubtedly be key to success in the upcoming competitions.

SKA and CSKA: reshuffles and new horizons

St. Petersburg is preparing a large-scale personnel restructuring at SKA, despite Roman Rotenberg’s claims about point changes. It is already known about a number of players who will have to leave the club. This list includes Artem Shvets-Rogovoy, Alexander Kadeikin, Brendan Lipsic, and Artem Sergeev. It is noted that personnel decisions are largely dictated not only by the athletic form of the players, but also by external circumstances, such as injuries and conflicts within the team. According to rumors, some of those leaving may continue their careers in other KHL clubs, including Ak Bars.

Grigorenko and Plotnikov: new challenges

CSKA is also on the cusp of significant roster changes. With the expiration of the contracts of Sergei Plotnikov and Mikhail Grigorenko, there are questions about the future of these players. According to Match TV, SKA is interested in signing both players to four-year contracts, which would be a significant boost for the St. Petersburg team. However, Amur is also showing interest in Plotnikov, which could be an additional factor in his decision on his future playing spot.

CSKA: search for a new core

CSKA, for its part, is not wasting any time and is actively searching for new players to strengthen the team. The Moscow club’s attention is on players from North America, including Ivan Prosvetov, Nikita Zaitsev, Denis Guryanov, Daniil Gushchin, Egor Afanasiev, and Mikhail Abramov. These potential newcomers could radically change the face of the team and add a new dynamic to CSKA’s game.

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