Basic techniques in volleyball

Основные приемы в волейболе

Our article “Basic techniques in volleyball” will tell you about the basic techniques (elements) in volleyball, without which the game cannot exist.

In Russia volleyball appeared more than 100 years ago in Kazan, and in 9 years it went from a hobby to a professional sport. Of course, it took much longer (1959) before an official federation was formed, but the popularity of the team game in the Soviet Union was enormous.

Teams were formed on the basis of universities, schools, labor collectives. Numerous local competitions were held (small tournaments, city championships, championships of republics), and after the All-Russian Spartakiade in 1928, volleyball became an all-Russian sport.

The essence of the game of volleyball is to move the ball with basic techniques over the volleyball net to the opponent’s side to earn points.

Basic techniques in volleyball:

Serving is the introduction of the ball into play from outside the court. The serve is divided into several types:

Serving in volleyball
Serving in volleyball

– Bottom (throwing the ball over the net with a candle);

– Lateral (a subtype of lower serve, but performed at an angle of 45 degrees);

– Upper (standing on the court you must toss the ball with one hand above your head and with the palm of the other hand hit the center of the ball);

– Twisted (a kind of upper pass, but hit the ball away from the center);

– Leaping power (a type of overhand serve, but it is performed while jumping);

– A power pass (a kind of overhand pass, but only hitting the ball parallel to the court).

Pass in volleyball
Pass in volleyball

Passing is the passing of the ball to a player on the team. Passing is divided into 2 types and 2 subspecies.


– upper, subspecies – one or two hands;

– Bottom, subspecies – one or two hands.

The offensive kick is all forms of redirecting the ball to the opponent’s side, excluding blocking and serving. The offensive kick is divided into two types: direct and lateral. It is performed both from a place and from a run-up.

Offensive stroke in volleyball
Offensive stroke in volleyball

Reception is the main opportunity for the team to minimize the attacking actions of the opponent.

Reception in volleyball
Reception in volleyball

Admission is divided into 2 types and 2 subspecies. Species:

– upper, subspecies – one or two hands;

– bottom, subspecies – one or two hands.

A block is a defensive action that prevents the ball from flying over the net. There are two types of blocks:

– Individual or singles;

– Collective or group blocks (usually performed by 2 or 3 players).

Block in volleyball
Block in volleyball

The basic volleyball techniques described above involve both individual and team play, all depending on the tactics of the entire team. A clear distribution of roles and organization of the game allows the team to play as effectively as possible.

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