Hook shot in basketball

Hook shot in basketball

In the article “Hook shot in basketball,” we’ll tell you about one of the most unreachable throws in the team ball game.

A hook shot in basketball is when an attacking player, usually turned perpendicular to the basket, gently throws the ball with a wide arm motion in an upward arc using the guard. The shot uses what is called a “long arm,” making it a difficult shot for defenders.

In modern basketball, this shot is used much less often now that there is a good alternative to it: the half hook. The half hook is a “long hand” basketball shot that is held half sideways to the basket while jumping. The half hook is usually used in the 3-second zone.

The main differences between hook shot and half hook are the amplitude of rotation of the arm, the height of the jump and the distance of the ball from the torso. In the first case the player mainly concentrates on the accuracy of the throw and in the second case on the speed of the feint. In other words, a half hook is a throw from the shoulder and a hook is a throw with full arm amplitude.

In 1937, Pranas Tulzanas was the first Lithuanian basketball player to use the hook shot. At the European Basketball Championship the Lithuanian national team was not only the discoverer of tricks, but also won its first title by beating Italy 22-20 twice in the group stage and 24-23 in the final. By the way, Pranas himself received the unofficial title of the best player of the European Championship.

Sequence of hook execution:

  1. Catch the ball with your back to the basket and feeling which side the defender is pushing you, be ready to turn in the opposite direction;
  2. Jump up using your free hand against the defender;
  3. Throw the ball from the basket’s backboard with full amplitude of the “throwing” arm.

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The hook shot became very popular in the NBA (National Basketball Association) in a short time. It was used by such stars as George Mikan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Vlad Divac and Yao Ming. For Abdul-Jabbar, it became his trademark and made him the association’s leading scorer.

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