Pioneerball: history, rules, features and varieties of the game


In the article “Pioneerball” we will tell you about a game for boys and girls similar to volleyball. You will learn the features, varieties and rules of the game.

Pioneerball is a sports game that emerged in the USSR in the 1930s. Its rules are designed so that school-age children (pioneers) can develop movement coordination and improve their physical skills.

Pioneerball is a simple and interesting sport for children that teaches teamwork. If you have not played pioneerball yet, you should try to join the millions of people in the CIS who have been enjoying this game for many years.

The rules of the game of pioneerball were taken as the basis of the game “Volleyball“, but in volleyball you need to hit the ball, and in pioneerball you need to catch it. Let’s look at the basic rules of the game.

Pioneerball rules

  1. Players and teams
    Two teams of 3 to 8 players play. Each team may consist of players of different ages and genders. The main condition is that each team has the same number of players.
  2. Playground
    The court should be rectangular, 18 to 20 meters long and 9 to 10 meters wide. As in volleyball, the players on the court are placed in zones. The change of players is clockwise after receiving the right to serve (won point). The sides change after a set (game) is played.

    Rules of placement and change of players
    Rules of placement and change of players
  3. Equipment
    A ball (volleyball or basketball), a 1 meter wide volleyball net (an ordinary rope can be used in the yard) and two posts (antennas) to hold the net in place are needed for the game. The height of the net can be varied depending on the age of the players. As a rule, in volleyball, the net is placed at a height of 224 to 243 cm.
  4. Length of game and score
    Victory in a set or game is won by the team that first scores 10 points. Victory in the match is won by the team that first wins 2 sets.
  5. Serving Rules
    The first serve in the game is played by toss. It is carried out by the player of the team number 1. The server must be behind the front line of the playing area, and make the throw only after the permission of the referee. After serving, the ball must fly over the net to the opponent’s side.

    Serving in Pioneerball
    Serving in Pioneerball

    If the ball hit or hit the net, flew under the net, the server stepped over the front line or the ball flew outside the playing area, the rally is lost, the opponent has the right to serve and it is counted 1 point. The serving player serves until his team loses a point.

  6. How to play
    The pitcher throws the ball to the opponent’s side. The receiving player must catch the ball, take no more than 3 steps and throw it back into the opponent’s unprotected playing area. The receiving team may not make more than 3 passes within its own team. Throwing the ball over the net is done until one of the teams loses a point.
  7. Losing a point
    Losing a point is scored if:
    – the ball has touched its field of play;
    – the player with the ball took more than 3 steps;
    – the player touched the net;
    – the team has made more than 3 passes;
    – the player touched the ball twice;
    – the player violated the serving rules (see point 5);
    – the ball flew under the net or hit the net and did not go to the opponent’s side;
    – the ball hit the opponent’s side of the court;
    – the player stepped on the opponent’s side;
    – the player behaves in a defiant manner (unsportsmanlike conduct).
  8. Varieties of the game
    The most popular version of the game is Pioneerball with two balls. Each team is given a ball. The task of the teams is to throw the ball to the opponent’s side until there are two balls on the opponent’s side at the same time. If two balls collide in the air, the game is replayed.

Additional rules in Pioneerball may vary depending on the conditions of the game. For example, in some cases there may be limits on the number of players or on the score of the game (up to 15 or 25 points).

It is important to remember that Pioneerball is not just a game, but also teaches children sportsmanship. During the game it is necessary to observe etiquette, to be respectful to other players, the referee’s team.

All together, the rules and extra features make Pioneerball an interesting, varied and attractive game for all ages. Pioneerball not only improves physical fitness, but also builds team spirit and strengthens friendships. If you are looking for an interesting and active game for children or want to reminisce about your childhood, try playing pioneerball wpml wink

How to play pioneerball?


Pioneerball is a simplified type (subtype) of volleyball, which was created for school-age children to help them learn the basics of volleyball. The game and the main difference is that in volleyball you have to hit the ball with your hands, and in pioneerball you have to catch it.

Transition in pioneerball is carried out after receiving the right to serve. For example, the opponent served and lost a rally, your team makes the transition (change of players) clockwise.

The change of sides in pioneerball is carried out after a set (game) is played. The game is considered played if one of the teams is the first to score 10 points.

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