Who is a stringer?

Who is a stringer

In the article “Who is a Stringer?” You will learn about the rocket sports technician who helps any athlete win a championship.

All sports have technicians who help athletes win championships and tournaments. It has been almost 150 years since the first tennis tournament and 120 years since the first badminton championship. During that time, there has been a technological explosion in racquet sports. New technologies and materials have appeared and the training of athletes has changed.

But during all these 1,5 centuries tennis players had to repair their rackets and re-tie the strings. Earlier it was an athlete or a coach, but in the course of time there appeared technicians who professionally render this service. We are talking about a stringer.

A stringer is a technician who pulls the strings of tennis, squash and badminton racquets.

Stringer for tennis rackets
Stringer for tennis rackets

The first stringers did their work practically by hand, using improvised tools. Now, there are modern machines that not only made their work easier, but also allowed them to determine the tension figure more accurately.

A good master must know how to tension strings, he must have his own handwriting, his own technique and his own style. For example, natural strings are tensioned weaker, but artificial strings are tensioned stronger. Sometimes you have to put them in a hybrid, i.e. alternate.

String Tension Meter
String Tension Meter

Professional players can use up to 5-6 racquets per match. That is why there are several stringers at international tournaments who pull several hundred racquets per tournament.

Each stringer has his own secrets that allow him to increase the speed of pulling at maximum quality. It used to be the norm to pull a racket in 20-30 minutes, but now the pros can do it in 10.

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To pull one racquet, you have to use 12 meters of string or 16 lengths of racquets. If the athlete prefers to use hybrid tension, the stringer must be provided with 2 strings of 6 meters each.

After completing the racket, the stringer checks the correctness of his stringing with a special device. Strong stringing improves control, but the ball flies weaker. Weaker stringing increases the speed of the ball, but decreases control, i.e., the ball flies everywhere.

The work of the stringer directly affects the performance of the player, which is why it is sometimes said that victory in racquet sports depends not only on the athlete, but also on the professionalism of his team.

Stringer takes into account all the wishes of the athletes and pulls the string so that the racket became “champion”. We think that now you understand who is behind the success of athletes in racquet sports wpml smile

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