Chant Ole-Ole-Ole

Кричалка «Оле-Оле-Оле»

In the article “Chant Ole-Ole-Ole” we’ll tell you where the famous soccer shout, which is included in several soccer anthems, came from.

The popular Russian national soccer team shout-out goes like this:

Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole, Russia, forward!

Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole, Russia, forward…

So what is “Ole-Ole-Ole” and where did it come from? We will try to answer this question.

So, there are several versions of the origin of the famous chant, and one of them is even connected with religion. But the “Spanish” version is considered the most plausible version.

The first article about the shouting was written in 1982 in the local newspaper La Vanguardia. The author of the article claimed that when the Real Sosedad team took the championship, the fans began to chant: “Champions, champions, we are the best!” In Bucks, this chant sounded like: “Campeones, campeones, Olé, Olé, Olé.”

There is also a “Belgian” version of the origin of the shout. The famous musician Jean Vanobbergen in honor of Anderlecht’s victory in the national championship wrote a song that was called “Olé-olé-olé”.

The word “Olé” was originally a form of devotion to Allah and was used in many prayers as early as the 8th century, but it has long lost its original meaning and has become a simple cry of joy.

Did you know what?
The first owner of soccer boots is considered to be English King Henry VIII, who in the early 16th century ordered his servant to sew special shoes for him. The reason was a banal injury received by the king during the game. Sports historians believe that the first cleats have survived to this day and are in one of the private collections.

The chant Ole-Ole-Ole quickly caught on and was used in soccer stadiums in many countries around the world. A few years later it became the basis of several soccer anthems.

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Later on, the upbeat “Ole-Ole-Ole” was picked up by fans of other sports. Now it can be heard at many hockey and rugby matches.

How did the “Ole-Ole-Ole” chant come about?

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