The most titled soccer club in Russia

Самый титулованный футбольный клуб России

In our article “The most titled soccer club in Russia”, we will find out the name of this club, how many trophies it has, the % of wins, and who is the closest competitor.

In order to answer the question of the article, it is necessary to delve into the history of Russian soccer, which begins its countdown from 1992. We do not take into account the Soviet period, as the calculation will not be quite correct, and our purpose of the article is to analyze the 30-year period of the Russian Federation.

Summary table of Russian soccer championships (top 5):

PlaceSoccer ClubGamesWinDrawLossBallsGDGoal/GamePoints%
1Spartak M9184942192051630-982+6482,85170161,8
5Dynamo M8873652542681220-1010+2102,51134950,7

From the table above we can see that so far the most successful in the championship of Russia is Spartak Moscow with 61.8% of wins, but far behind is Zenit St. Petersburg, whose winning percentage is 60.7.

Of course, if we recall the history of the Russian Football Championship, Spartak Moscow holds the lead because of its dominance in the 90s. Six titles in a row – that’s a serious indicator, and if it weren’t for the bronze medal in ’95, it would have been 10 titles in a row.

Coming on the heels of Zenit, they can still boast only 3 titles in a row. There is a certainty that in the 21/22 season a new record will be achieved.

Igor Ponomarev

Did you know what?
Igor Ponomarev, a soccer player of the Azerbaijani soccer club Neftchi, is the best performer of 11 penalty kicks during the Soviet times. He scored 24 consecutive penalties in matches of the national championships.

The most titled soccer club in Russia:

Soccer Club1st2nd3rdCupSuper CupUEFATotal Titles
Spartak M10633114
Dynamo M1411
Torpedo M111

* – the only draw of the Premier League Cup in 2003 was added to the accounting.

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If we carefully examine the summary table of accounting titles of soccer teams in Russia, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. The most titled soccer club in Russia is – PFC CSKA.
  2. Zenit St. Petersburg is second in titles and only one title behind CSKA. In the season 2021/2022 Zenit can catch up with CSKA, and will be able to overtake in case of a successful performance in the Super Cup.
  3. Lokomotiv is the undisputed leader in the number of Russian Cups, and CSKA is the leader in the number of Russian Super Cups won.
  4. Spartak Moscow, despite the “golden” 90s, has lost its lead in the total number of titles, but remains the undisputed leader in the number of titles of Champion of Russia. Perhaps, it is time for the soccer club to think about the efficiency of the game and concentrate on one thing in particular? For example, on the Cup or the Championship.
  5. All our clubs perform very poorly in UEFA. In 30 years only three trophies, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 UEFA Super Cup. It turns out that one trophy for 10 years.

If we count the total number of titles won by soccer teams during the Soviet period and the period of modern Russia, the most titled club in the history of Russian soccer is Spartak Moscow. On its account are 37 titles, in second place is PFC CSKA (34 titles), and the honorable third place is occupied by Zenit St. Petersburg (23 titles).

The most successful in the USSR is Spartak (23 titles), second place belongs to Dynamo Moscow (18 titles), and the third place belongs to CSKA (13 titles).

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We hope that our article “The most titled soccer club in Russia” was informative and you have discovered new data. We are sure that you will find in the given statistics a lot of interesting things.

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