New KHL stars: Nabokov, Yurov, Grebenkin and others

Новые звёзды КХЛ

In the article “New KHL Stars” we will talk about young and talented KHL players who made a significant contribution to Metallurg’s play at a crucial time.

“Metallurg” won the seventh game of the semifinal series of the Gagarin Cup against “Avtomobilist” and reached the final of the tournament. This landmark event would hardly have happened if Magnitogorsk didn’t trust young hockey players.

The arrival of coach Andrei Razin to Metallurg was a landmark event for the club, especially for young hockey players. The new talent development strategy resulted in seven young players making their first Gagarin Cup playoff appearance. Notable among them are goalies Alexander Smolin and Ilya Nabokov, defensemen Danil Gololobov and Danila Palivko, and forwards Roman Kantserov, Dmitry Silantyev and Nikita Grebenkin.

Danila Palivko
Danila Palivko

Young players as team leaders

Ilya Nabokov
Ilya Nabokov

The importance of pupils for Metallurg was especially emphasized by Alexey Morozov, KHL President, after their appearance in the Gagarin Cup final. He noted that it was young players like Ilya Nabokov, Danila Yurov, and Nikita Grebenkin who became the team’s heroes. This reflects the club’s broad strategy of developing and introducing its own youngsters into the lineup, which helps build a stable and strong team.

As for the young hockey players who will certainly help Metallurg in the finals, Ilya Nabokov is particularly noteworthy. He, playing his first full season in the KHL, quickly became Metallurg’s primary goaltender. His impressive stats in the regular season include 43 games, 23 wins and 93% of deflected shots. In the playoffs, Nabokov continued to demonstrate a high level of skill, participating in all 19 games and keeping his numbers consistent.

Danila Yurov, the team’s top scorer in the regular season, continued his performances in the playoffs, scoring crucial goals and making a significant impact on the game. His ability to score and create chances for his partners makes him one of the key players in Metallurg’s offensive combinations.

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Danila Yurov
Danila Yurov

Nikita Grebenkin has shown remarkable progress since his successful loan to Amur, which was reflected in his crucial playoff goals. Despite his potential departure to the NHL, Grebenkin’s contribution to the team’s success is undeniable. Coach Razin’s gradual reduction of his playing time allows him to groom other young players who can inherit his role on the team.

Danila Palivko and Roman Kantserov have proven themselves not only as talented players, but also as leaders leading the team to success. It is important to note that young players not only made significant contributions to the game, but often became decisive figures in critical moments of matches.

Dmitry Silantiev started the season on a tryout contract, intended mainly for VHL games, and had no experience playing in the KHL up to that point. Despite this, he proved himself in the regular season, playing 43 games and scoring 11 points (3+8). However, his talent was truly revealed in the playoffs, where he earned 14 points (4+10) in 19 games, becoming one of Metallurg’s top scorers and sharing second place among the scorers of the entire tournament.

The influence of the first link on the game

Silantiev’s move to the top three during the series with Avtomobilist had a significant impact on his play, where he scored 7 points (3+4) in 7 games. Along with him, Roman Kantserov opened up in the lineup, scoring 15 points (8+7) in 53 games during the regular season. In the playoffs, Kantserov significantly improved his performance, scoring 12 points (4+8), and showed his best qualities in the series with Avtomobilist, scoring 5 points (1+4).

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In the seventh and decisive game against Avtomobilist, the first three played a key role. Silantiev opened the scoring and then assisted on the winning puck, while Kantserov assisted on Silantiev’s first goal and on Danila Jurow’s puck. This trio was involved in all of Metallurg’s goals in this game, demonstrating exceptional chemistry and mutual understanding in the moments of highest tension.

Perspectives and contributions of young players

Andrei Razin
Andrei Razin

The emergence of players like Silantyev and Kantserov not only strengthens Metallurg’s roster, but also provides the club with a bright future in the form of young talent ready to take on responsibility at key moments in the competition. They have proven that they can be the backbone of the team in the Gagarin Cup campaign and in future tournaments.

Andrei Razin, bringing a fresh approach and new ideas to coaching, was able to successfully integrate young players into the main roster. His methods of training and team management allowed the young hockey players to unlock their potential and prove their competitiveness at the highest level.

With this approach and the presence of bright young talent, Metallurg not only strengthened its position this season, but also laid the foundation for future successes. The young players, who have already proven their ability to play at a high level, promise to bring the club many more bright victories in the upcoming competitions.

Thus, thanks to the bold policy of introducing youth and the strategic approach of the coaching staff, Metallurg is gaining a new face and demonstrating impressive results in the KHL arena.

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