Rules of volleyball: brief regulations, scoring rules

Rules of volleyball

In the article “Rules of Volleyball” we will look at the basic rules of the game, the mistakes made during the match, a brief regulation and the rules of scoring.

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Volleyball is a team game in which it is necessary to play the ball in three touches so that it touches the opponent’s playing field or the opponent cannot return it over the net.

Let’s look at the basic rules of volleyball.

Volleyball court

The size of the playing field is 18*9 meters. The marking lines are part of the court. If the ball hits the line, it will be scored. The playing field is divided into two 9*9 meter squares. The dividing line is a volleyball net which is fixed at a height of 243 cm (for men) and 224 cm (for women). The width of the net is 1 meter. On the edges of the net there are antennas, which are an aerial extension of the sideline.

Volleyball court
Volleyball court

Rules for the placement of players

Either of the two teams consists of 6 players, each of whom occupies a special place on the court. These spaces are constant and numbered from 1 to 6.

Players numbered 2, 3 and 4 form the front line. Players numbered 1, 6 and 5 form the back line of players. The front and back line players are separated by the offensive line. The back line is usually the receiving end, the front line is the offensive end, number three is the liaison, and number six … a little bit of everything.

Rules of placement and change of players
Rules of placement and change of players

The change of players in volleyball takes place after receiving the right to serve and is clockwise. After serving, players may receive the ball all over the court.

After each set, there is a change of sides.

Batch party duration and score

Victory in a set or party is the first team to score 25 points with an advantage of at least 2 points. If the score in the set is equal, the party continues until one of the teams does not have an advantage of these 2 points. Therefore, the time in the game is not limited and the match can go on long enough.

The team that wins in 3 sets is declared the winner. When the score in sets is equal, an additional 5th set (tie-break or short set) shall be appointed. The winner of the short set is the first to score 15 points with the same advantage (2 points).

Volleyball score
Volleyball score

A distinctive feature of the tie-break is that the change of sides occurs when one of the teams has scored 8 points.

Scoring and errors

In most cases, teams score points based on successful actions and mistakes of the opponent. But there are cases when points are earned by the unsportsmanlike behavior of the opponent. If your team makes a mistake or breaks discipline, the opponent’s score will increase by one point.

Let’s list the main mistakes:

  1. A player touched the net;
  2. Touching the antenna with the ball or a player;
  3. Stepping with full foot into opponent’s half;
  4. Stepping on the front line when serving;
  5. When serving, a player tosses the ball and then catches it;
  6. Delaying the ball;
  7. More than 3 touches of the ball per team;
  8. Two consecutive touches of the ball by one player;
  9. The ball jumped out of bounds while being served;
  10. Touching the ball to the ceiling;
  11. No crossing before serving;
  12. The ball was struck with the support of a player;
  13. The ball was sent under the net;
  14. Touching the ball/player in the opponent’s area;
  15. Unsportsmanlike conduct;
  16. Players obscuring the visibility of the serve;
  17. Rear line player commits an offensive shot in the offensive zone;
  18. Blocking an opponent’s serve.

From the errors listed above, we can conclude about the rules of the game. For example, the team must touch the ball no more than 3 times in a row, and the player two times in a row to produce action and hold the ball in his hands. If the ball hit the net and did not fly over, then it remains in play and can be finished, provided that the team has not exhausted the limit on the touch.

The referee does not take into account simultaneous touches of the ball by players of different teams, except for similar actions of teammates. In this case, each touch is an active action (kick).


The first serve in the match is determined by a toss. The first number of the team, who must be behind the front line of the field of play (it is allowed to be located anywhere across the width of the court), serves the ball into the game.

Serving in volleyball
Serving in volleyball

The serving player must wait for the whistle (permission), and then within 8 seconds to make an attacking strike. The player is strictly forbidden to step on the front line, otherwise the right to serve goes to the opponent.

If the attacking stroke gave the team a point or the opponent lost the rally, the serving player repeats the serve until the ball is lost. Touching the top of the net is allowed if the ball flew to the opponent’s side.

Break and Substitutions

Each team in a set is entitled to two timeouts (30 seconds each) and six substitutions. The break between games is 3 minutes. If a player cannot continue due to injury, the team is entitled to an exclusive substitution. Libero can be replaced an unlimited number of times by a player or a second libero.

To reinforce the information, we recommend the short video below.

Brief rules of volleyball


According to volleyball rules, a libero player must wear a uniform that is different in color from the other members of the team. In literal translation from Italian, libero means "free". He performs only defensive functions and does not participate in the attack (receiving, dropping balls to partners). Libero plays only in the back line (5, 6, and 1 zone) and can be replaced an unlimited number of times by a player or a second libero.

Yes. You can play volleyball with any part of your body, but with restrictions. The ball may not be touched by two points of the body, may not be gripped (all actions up to 2 seconds) and may not be touched more than 3 times per possession.

Yes. In volleyball, this serve is not restricted by the rules, but it is performed quite rarely because accuracy leaves much to be desired. It is also not forbidden to serve with the open palm and its edge.

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