Russia’s most expensive soccer players

Самые дорогие футболисты России

In the article “Russia’s most expensive soccer players” you will learn the rating (TOP-7) of the most expensive domestic soccer players of 2023, playing both in Europe and Russia.

Money, as you know, in soccer do not play, however, it is in the financial equivalent is usually reflected in the value of players in the modern “game of millions”, and about what number of these very millions now estimate the best Russian footballers, we will talk in this material.

We offer you a rating of the most expensive Russians playing soccer at the professional level, both in the domestic championship and beyond. Well, as a benchmark in financial terms, we will choose the familiar for fans service Transfermarkt, on which even some clubs check the “value” of players when making deals.

6-7 place. Ivan Oblyakov (CSKA) – 10 mln. euros

Ivan Oblyakov
Ivan Oblyakov

One of the main discoveries in Russian soccer in recent years.

For the 25-year-old central midfielder, last season with the Army Men was truly “breakthrough”, and allowed the player himself to “rise” in price by 4 million euros in just one year.

And at the same time, he also received attention from big-name clubs from Europe.

6-7 place. Daler Kuziaev (Le Havre, France) – 10 mln. euros

Daler Kuziaev
Daler Kuziaev

Unlike Oblyakov, Kuziaev has long been playing at a consistently high level, otherwise he would not have received an invitation to Zenit St. Petersburg and would not have won many trophies in the Premier League with the Blue and White Blues.

Well, the new season Daler will start in the French championship, where the player decided to accept a new challenge in the newcomer of the elite division – club Le Havre. The team is clearly not among the contenders for high positions in Ligue 1, which can be seen in the quotes of betting experts who follow the events in the European soccer championships. Well, the more serious and interesting task will be for Kuziaev at his new club.

4-5 place. Fedor Chalov (CSKA) – 12 mln. euros

Fedor Chalov
Fedor Chalov

Last season’s top scorer for the Army Men had already had experience of playing in foreign championships, not so long ago Chalov went “on a business trip” to Swiss Basel.

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But after playing for one “red-blue” club for one season, Fedor decided to return to another, more native team, playing in similar colors. And he did not miss out, in CSKA the striker has found himself again and is scoring many important goals.

4-5 place. Aleksey Miranchuk (Atalanta, Italy) – 12 mln. euros

Aleksey Miranchuk
Aleksey Miranchuk

Aleksey Miranchuk, one of the representatives of the Russian soccer family, has been trying to find himself in the Italian Serie A for three years now, but so far it has not always worked out well. In Atalanta Miranchuk did not get the proper confidence, but in the lease for Torino the statistics of the Russian was already more convincing.

Will Aleksey be sent on loan until the end of the summer transfer window, or will he be given a chance to prove himself in Bergamo? One of the main intrigues for Russian soccer fans.

3rd place. Arsen Zakharyan (Dynamo) – 15 mln. euros

Arsen Zakharyan
Arsen Zakharyan

One of the main talents brought up in the Russian championship in recent years.

According to the press, 20-year-old Zakharyan has already managed to interest Chelsea London, Lazio Italy and many other famous clubs from the most prestigious European championships. But so far it does not come to specifics, and Arsen continues to work for the benefit of Dynamo Moscow.

His transfer fee continues to be record high, but who will agree to pay this money and make a real bid for the Russian talent? We can get the answer before the end of August.

2nd place. Matvey Safonov (Krasnodar) – 16 mln. euros

Matvey Safonov
Matvey Safonov

In recent years, Russian goalkeepers have focused on the Army Men’s goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev in terms of stability and skill, who continues to play for CSKA, helping the team to achieve high goals on the domestic scene. But the Army Men legend never managed to play in Europe’s Top League, although at one time there were offers from top clubs, which remained unanswered.

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Now the main goalkeeping talent of the country is deservedly considered to be Matvey Safonov from Krasnodar, and there is information that this goalkeeper is ready to be invited to one of the five strongest European championships in the near future, paying his club the right amount of money as compensation. Will Matvey himself agree to such a transfer? Or will he try to follow in Akinfeev’s footsteps, increasing his soccer heritage in the same Russian club?

1 place. Aleksandr Golovin (Monaco, France) – 28 mln. euros

Aleksandr Golovin
Aleksandr Golovin

And here is the leader of this rating. With a huge gap from the rest – the most expensive Russian footballer. And we will try to explain why Alexander Golovin is in this status can be very long.

Firstly, the 27-year-old attacking midfielder plays in one of the Top 5 European championships, and not for the weakest team. Let “Monaco” did not make it to the European Cup last season, but at the continental level Monegasques played more or less regularly, and sometimes achieved serious success.

Secondly, Golovin is not just listed at Monaco, but is one of the leaders in the team. And the last campaign for the Russian was the best of his career. After all, Alexander recorded 8 goals and 7 assists in French league matches, adding to them one more “assist” in the Europa League. And according to the system “goal+pass” Golovin became one of the best in Monaco.

Now the press is actively discussing the future of Golovin, who, according to experts, is still ready to play at a higher level for a top club. There has been talk about the interest of several teams from the English Premier League, but so far there have been no concrete offers. Perhaps they will fall on the Russian after another solid season. And Golovin has every chance of having such a campaign.

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