Interesting facts about running

Интересные факты про бег

In the article “Interesting facts about running” you will learn about the benefits of running for the body, as well as incredible facts about the history of the popular sport.

Here are interesting facts about running:

  1. Running as a social activity. There are many charitable organizations holding specialized running competitions in support of public ideas, environmental disasters and sick people. Participation in running charitable competitions allows to attract attention, contributes to the solution of world problems.
  2. Self-affirmation. Running helps you feel self-confidence. After you run 10 km, as a result of long training or on the aggregate of medium distances (from 1 to 5 km), you will get a supernatural charge of positive emotions. The new strength will be enough not only to solve life and everyday problems, but will be left to take a new look at the world that found itself at your feet.
  3. When is the best time to run? If your goal is to lose weight by running, then train before dinner. The burning of fat occurs not only during running, but also for 2-3 hours after exercise. Since exercise improves the metabolism, according to the unanimous opinion of experts, the time for jogging can be chosen absolutely any time. The main thing is that you and the sport should be comfortable going together in life.
  4. Running improves sleep and brain function. Running not only develops endurance, but also has a positive effect on brain function. During running, the circulatory systems work more actively, which provides an additional flow of oxygen, and this, in turn, promotes the formation of nerve cells and the development of new vascular tissue. As a result, a person not only gets better visual memory, logic, improved sleep, but also a 60% reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Time for reflection. Jogging is a good way to get rid of current problems. With jogging you can dispel anxiety, find solutions to problems. Running is one of the most affordable forms of exercise, because you do not need to buy a subscription to a fitness center or health club.
  6. Running is a beneficial sport. It is one of the most accessible types of physical activity, because you do not need to buy a subscription to a fitness center or a fitness club to run. Running can be done year-round on the street, getting a charge of positive emotions every time. Moreover, sports equipment now looks fashionable, comfortable and it can be purchased at affordable prices.
  7. Physical test. In America, in order to become a member of the armed forces, one must pass an endurance test. Men and women must run a distance of 3.2 kilometers in a certain amount of time. For men the time is 16 minutes 36 seconds and for women it is 19 minutes 42 seconds. The physical test is the main indicator of training of future soldiers.
  8. Running backwards. For those who are tired of classical running or for those who want to develop additional muscles, we recommend to practice running backwards. An example of achievement is marathoner Achim Aretsu, who set the world record in running backwards. In Frankfurt in 2010, he ran the marathon in 3:42:41.

    Running backwards
    Running backwards
  9. The world’s oldest runner.
    Fauj Singh
    Fauj Singh

    Hindu Fauj Singh (currently 111 years old), who lives in Great Britain, is the oldest marathon runner in the world (entered in the Guinness Book of Records). He managed to run the royal running distance for the first time in history at age 100 in 8 hours 25 minutes and 17 seconds. In 2016, Sing at the age of 104 ran a marathon in India.

  10. Running is a cyclic sport. If we convert the official marathon distance of 42, 195 km into the number of steps, we get a result of 35,000. That is, any marathon runner needs, on average, 35,000 repetitions to complete the distance. In fact, marathon distance running is the most cyclic of cyclic sports.

Of course, our article “Interesting facts about running” does not display all the facts about a popular sport like running. There are a lot of interesting and unusual facts, so we recommend reading the video “Facts about marathon running” in addition.

Facts about marathon running

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