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In the article “BMX” we will talk about Moto Xtream bike and BMX sport, which is based on overcoming obstacles and performing tricks on the bike.

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You can often hear the expression: “It is not worth re-inventing the bicycle”. After all, this means of transportation had already been invented once in the 19th century, and since then nothing fundamentally new has been introduced in its design.

But here are all the new styles and ways of riding is not forbidden to invent, and sometimes it comes out so successfully that there are not just new styles, but the whole independent sports disciplines.

In the 70’s of the last century, American teenagers all loved motocross, and, of course, they began to imitate their favorites. Only that they did not ride motorcycles, but bicycles. This is how BMX, which stands for Bicycle Moto Xtream, was born.

Fearless extremists of that time overcame obstacles and performed tricks using the most ordinary bikes. There were no special bmx bikes in those days. These young people looked so unusual and attractive that they had many fans.

BMX bike
BMX bike

Bicycle manufacturers were not confused and began to develop new designs that were more robust and maneuverable. In ’81, enthusiasts founded the International BMX Federation and began to hold world championships.

And finally, more recently, BMX became an Olympic sport. It was included in the program of the summer games of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Fans of mountain biking, mountain bike, in this respect was able to overtake the bicycle motocross. Mountain biking debuted at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and the two sports appeared at roughly the same time.

If you think that BMX sport is all about overcoming obstacles and performing dangerous tricks, then you are very wrong. It’s a real art, and a BMX rider has to understand different styles of riding. Each style has its own rules, so it’s a whole science.

Types of BMX
Types of BMX

BMX Racing is a race where the fastest one wins. They are held on a track with curves and obstacles. Eight athletes compete in one race.

Less traumatic and, perhaps, the most aesthetically appealing trend of BMX – is Flatland, it is also called “dancing on a bicycle”. The rider makes figures on a flat surface and performs tricks. For Flatland bikes slightly upgraded, on both sides of the axis to the wheels bolted tubing for the feet, pegs. They allow you to do all these tricks.

Well, the biggest area of BMX sport is Freestyle. Freestyle itself is divided into several varieties, depending on the conditions where the ride takes place. Freestyle is the most spectacular and most extreme direction. Freestylers are known for their acrobatic stunts that take the audience’s breath away.

Unlike conventional cycling in BMX, the main thing is not the speed, the best is the athlete who can do the most difficult trick. It takes into account the purity of the trick, the absence of mistakes during its performance and landing of the cyclist.

Every BMX rider treats his two-wheeled horse with reverence. It is chosen according to the direction of the sport. For example, a racer’s bike will not be the same as a Flatlander’s or freestyler’s bike. But there are signs that are common to all BMX bikes.

The first thing that catches the eye of even an inexperienced rider is the small size of the bike. Those who understand the structure of bicycles, immediately marked the main feature BMX bike has no suspension and only one gear.

You can also pay attention to the bike frame. Its main advantage is the strength, and it is achieved not only by using strong materials, but also due to a special form which provides maximum structural rigidity.

Why BMX bikes are so small? The answer: it makes them more maneuverable. In 2015, New Zealand BMX rider Jed Mildon did a backward quarter flip, setting a world record. How would he do it on a big bike?

The main thing for the BMX rider is the bike, to the choice of other equipment should also be treated very responsibly. The bike should be a good choice, so that the pant leg does not get caught in the chain. Particular care should be chosen shoes, usually sneakers.

It is very important that their sole was not very soft and at the same time was not too hard. It should also have a waffle tread, which improves the contact of the athlete’s foot with the pedal.

BMX shoes
BMX shoes

When you look at BMX riders, it seems that their bikes are living creatures, nimble and stable. However, the bike, just like any other bike, immediately falls over on its side without its owner.

By the way, have you ever wondered why a bike doesn’t fall over while riding? To answer that question, you have to ride your bike and look at its tracks. In the photo, white marks the trail of the rear wheel, and yellow marks the trail of the front wheel. The path of the front wheel is wavy and constantly crosses the trail of the back wheel.

Bicycle marks
Bicycle marks

This is what keeps the bike from falling over. When a bicycle rides in a straight line, it begins to lean sideways because it lacks a third point of support. But when this happens, the cyclist tilts the handlebars slightly to the side and shifts his center of gravity to the same side.

That is, the fall of the bicycle is replaced by its movement along a curve, and the bicycle straightens out. But after that it continues to move by inertia and tilts to the other side, then you have to do the same thing as the previous time, and so on to infinity.

BMX is new to the Olympics, so the success story is still being written. Of course, the sport has its legends, such as Maris Strombergs, a Latvian athlete who won Olympic gold twice in the short history of BMX.

But Russian riders still have a long way to go. And that is great, because the history of the sport has just begun, so you have a great chance to add your name to it. Who knows, maybe the future Olympic champion is reading this article right now :-).

If you’re interested in this sport, then by all means try it or keep doing it. To begin, of course, you need to learn how to ride a regular bike and come to the BMX section prepared.

But, in fact, even this is not necessary, because to be engaged in the BMX section is possible from the age of 5 years. In BMX sport there are no strict age limits, as in gymnastics or figure skating. It’s not too late to start training at the age of 15, or even later. Dare, forward to sport victories!

About BMX


The BMX is a type of bike that was invented to train future motocross athletes. The BMX bike stands for Bicycle Moto Xtream and is designed for racing and stunts.

In most cases, only the front brake is used on a bmx because the cable can be placed inside the fork. Experienced riders prefer not to use brakes at all, as they add extra weight. The rear brake is used less often because of its low efficiency.

To begin with, the value of a bicycle is learned by comparison. For example, the maximum cost of a track bike is up to $1,000,000, but the maximum cost of a bmx is only $1,500. The cost of a bmx is affected by the reinforced frame, special bearings, mounts and mechanisms that can withstand high loads. For an Olympic sport, $1,500 is nothing.

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