Zenit preparation for the new RPL season

Подготовка Зенита к новому сезону РПЛ

FC Zenit are actively preparing for the new RPL season, making significant changes to their squad. This season the club has had both failed negotiations and successful transfers.

Nair Tiknizyan’s waiver, Arsen Adamov’s rental and Sergei Volkov’s transfer

Nair Tiknizyan
Nair Tiknizyan

Nair Tiknizyan, 25-year-old defender of Lokomotiv and the Armenian national team, has unexpectedly refused a move to Zenit. Negotiations, which were at the final stage, broke down due to disagreements over contract terms. Tiknizyan played 30 games for Lokomotiv last season, scoring nine goals and making six assists. His market value according to Transfermarkt is €6.5 million. This decision left Zenit without an important defensive reinforcement.

For Lokomotiv, this rejection is also significant as Tiknizyan is a key player in their defense. His presence in the team for next season adds stability and confidence. Tiknizyan will continue to play a significant role in the team as he prepares for the new season with high ambitions and a desire to improve his personal and team performance. The new season will bring challenges for him in the form of maintaining his form and strengthening the team’s defensive line.

Arsen Adamov
Arsen Adamov

Meanwhile, Zenit and Akhmat have agreed on the transfer of Arsen Adamov on loan until the end of the 2024/25 season. Arsen Adamov, a pupil of Akhmat, has played for several clubs during his career. He made his debut in the youth squad of Akhmat in 2016 and played 128 matches in four years. He made his first appearance in the main squad of the team in July 2020 against Krasnodar. He then moved to Ural and later to Zenit, with whom he won two Russian championships and two Supercups. In the 2023/24 season Adamov played on loan for Orenburg. Now he has returned to Akhmat on loan until the end of next season.

For Akhmat, Adamov’s return on loan is a strategically important decision. The experienced defender with years of experience playing for various clubs will add depth and variation to the team’s defensive line. Adamov will try to show his best qualities and help Akhmat to achieve success in the new season. In turn, for Zenit, Adamov’s loan provides an opportunity to give the young defender practice in a competitive environment, which could benefit Zenit itself in the long run.

Sergey Volkov
Sergey Volkov

Sergey Volkov, a 21-year-old defender, has moved from Krasnodar to Zenit for seven million euros. The clubs agreed the transfer for five million euros plus two million in bonuses. Volkov played 22 games for Krasnodar last season in the RPL, making two assists. A long-term contract with Zenit should strengthen the club’s defense for several years to come.

Volkov’s move to Zenit is a significant step for both the player and the club. For Krasnodar, it is the loss of a promising young defender who could have become a key player in the future. However, the money received will allow the club to invest in developing other talents and strengthening the team.

There are high expectations for Volkov at Zenit. The young defender will strive to establish himself in the main squad and justify the money invested in him. Preparation for the new season for Volkov will include intensive training, adapting to a new team and strategy, and working on improving his playing skills. The new challenge for him is to show that he can become an integral part of Zenit’s defensive line and contribute to the team’s achievements.

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Maksim Glushenkov and Yuri Gorshkov are new faces at Zenit

Maksim Glushenkov
Maksim Glushenkov

Russian midfielder Maksim Glushenkov, who previously played for Lokomotiv Moscow, will continue his career at Zenit. The club signed a four-year contract with an option to extend it for one more season. Glushenkov moved to Lokomotiv from Samara’s Krylia Sovetov in 2023. Last season he played 29 games, scoring six goals and giving sixteen assists, allowing him to repeat Hulk’s record for assists in a season. In addition, Glushenkov has also played for Chertanovo, Spartak Moscow and Khimki. His move to Zenit was one of the most significant events of the offseason.

At the same time with Glushenkov Yuri Gorshkov moved to Zenit. For the transfer of midfielder Maksim Glushenkov the Moscow club will receive 600 million rubles, and for the defender Yuri Gorshkov the Samara club will pay 120 million rubles. Both players’ contracts are for four years. Last season Yuri Gorshkov played 29 games, scoring four goals and making one assist. These acquisitions should significantly strengthen the team before the new season.

For Lokomotiv, Glushenkov’s move to Zenit is a tangible loss, given his contribution to the team over the past season. However, the funds received will allow the club to strengthen other positions and attract new talented players. Glushenkov, who has shown outstanding results, will continue to develop at the new club, and his departure opens up new opportunities for other players to prove themselves.

“Zenit”, on the other hand, expects a significant strengthening. Maksim Glushenkov is a new name on the roster, and the fans already have high hopes for him. His ability to adapt to different roles on the pitch and his high performance make him a valuable acquisition. In the 2023/24 season, Glushenkov has not only improved his performance, but has also shown that he can flex his position on the pitch depending on the team’s tactics.

Preparation for the new season for Maksim Glushenkov will include intensive training and adaptation to the new team and its style of play. Last season under coach Igor Osinkin, he often played the role of a false nine, which allowed him to operate effectively deep down the right flank. With Zenit’s new coach, he will have to learn new tactics and approaches to maximize his potential.

Yuri Gorshkov
Yuri Gorshkov

Yuri Gorshkov, for his part, will also make a significant contribution to Zenit. His experience and skills as a defender will be extremely useful to the team in the new season. Gorshkov will have to undergo training with new partners and adapt to the requirements of Zenit’s coaching staff. His role in defense will be key, and many game moments will depend on his successful integration into the team.

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Glushenkov’s arrival at Zenit raises high expectations. In the 2023/24 season, he was second in the RPL in assists per game and third in expected assists. His successes are also linked to his efficiency at standard positions – in the second part of the season he gave four goal assists from corners and free kicks, which was the best result in the league. Nevertheless, high expectations can be both an incentive and a challenge. His unique style of play requires a special approach and adaptation, and Zenit’s coaches will work to maximize his potential.

Yuri Gorshkov, with his good defensive skills and ability to connect to attacks, will also be an important element in Zenit’s new strategy. His task is to strengthen the team’s defense and help them achieve their goals for the new season.

Other Zenit transfer news

In addition to signing Maksim Glushenkov, Zenit continue to work actively on the transfer market. The club signed a contract with 25-year-old goalkeeper Evgeny Latyshonok from Baltika. Last season Latyshonok played 26 matches in RPL, conceding 38 goals. Zenit paid 30 million rubles for his transfer.

Evgeny Latyshonok
Evgeny Latyshonok

Another important event was the rejection of the offer for Danila Kozlov. The 19-year-old Baltika midfielder preferred to move to Krasnodar for 120 million rubles, having turned down offers from Zenit and Rostov. Kozlov played 10 games in the RPL last season, scoring two goals and giving four assists.

For Zenit, the signing of Evgeny Latyshonok was an important step in strengthening the goalkeeper line. Latyshonok, having experience in the RPL, will add reliability and stability to the team’s defense. For the goalkeeper himself, the move to Zenit is a challenge and an opportunity to prove himself at a new level. He will be preparing for the new season with intensive training and adapting to new tactical schemes.

Danila Kozlov’s refusal of Zenit’s offer came as a surprise. For Krasnodar, his move is a strategically important acquisition, given his young age and potential. Kozlov, who performed well last season, will look to continue developing and improving his skills at his new club.

“Zenit” plans to hold three control matches in July to prepare for the new season. Their opponents will be Besiktas, Crvena Zvezda and Argentinean Talleres. These matches are scheduled for the second, fifth and eighth of July, respectively. The team will begin training camp on June 27, and the first official match of the season will take place on July 13 against Krasnodar for the Olimpbet Super Cup of Russia.

These friendlies will give new players like Latyshonok a chance to adapt to the team and show their abilities. They will also allow the coaching staff to assess the form and readiness of all players before the start of the season. It is important for each player to show their best qualities and prepare for the new challenges that the season will bring.

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