5 most dangerous sports

5 самых опасных видов спорта

In our article, “5 most dangerous sports” we will present the top 5 most unsafe sports where there is a risk for athletes to get seriously injured.

There are more than 8,000 sports in which athletes participate. Of course, most of them are of regional level, but nevertheless each of them is saturated with certain injuries that can be decisive for both life and professional career.

In our selection “5 most dangerous sports” we bring to your attention those sports that are the most common in the world.

So, our ranking:

  1. Ski Jumping. Ski jumpers die in a proportion of 1 in 8,333 cases. The most significant jumps in the sport are jumps of 90 meters or more.
  2. Boxing. Boxers’ health is damaged by constant head injuries. Broken nose, broken jaw, knocked out teeth, damage to the eyeball, knocked out teeth, hearing loss, etc. Boxers can develop permanent brain damage with inflammation. The most well-known diseases in boxers are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
  3. Alpinism. How is climbing different from alpinism? Climbers climb on an unprepared trail in a harsher climate, which poses additional risks to life and health. Severe weather conditions, food shortages, avalanches, and unreliable equipment constantly threaten climbers’ lives.
  4. Motorcycle sports. Especially in this category, we want to highlight off-road motorcycle racing. During a race, a motorcyclist loses up to 5 kg of his own weight due to stress during the race. In addition, stress also affects weight loss. Constant concentration, the risk of falling and collisions, have their effect.
  5. Golf. According to the rules, the game of golf is not canceled even in bad weather. The golf clubs tend to attract lightning strikes, and the golf ball develops high speed and is as dangerous as a bullet (speeds up to 300 km/hour).
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Of course, you are entitled to disagree with our ranking, because there are sports like skeleton, snowboarding, alpine skiing, formula 1, and even hockey and soccer, where sometimes horrific injuries occur. We were guided by statistics, which are always stubborn and non-negotiable. Perhaps it is time to introduce additional criteria for organizing competitions in these sports?

Here is an alternative viewpoint for you to consider.

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