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In the article “Hockey” we will tell you about the most popular winter sport. You will learn a brief history of hockey, the rules of matches, as well as talk about the equipment.

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Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is not surprising that different countries are still arguing for the right to consider themselves the birthplace of the sport. However, it is officially believed that ice hockey came to us from Canada.

It was there, in the 18th century, that an entertainment similar to modern hockey was born. According to one version, even the word “hockey” comes from the old French “hokey. At that time, it was a staff with a hook.

The first world championship in hockey was held in 1920. And the funny thing is that this ice tournament was held during the Summer Olympics. But four years later, ice hockey moved safely into the Winter Olympics, where it belongs.

The next significant event in hockey history occurred in 1998. Do you remember the song: “Real Men Play Hockey!”? Well, starting in ’98, the lyrics of that song may not be entirely accurate, because the Olympic Games now include tournaments for women’s teams as well.

Women's ice hockey
Women’s ice hockey

Our compatriots have made significant contributions to the history of hockey. Soviet and Russian ice hockey players have been world champions more than once. The names of our athletes are known to all hockey fans. For example, who has not heard of Vladislav Tretiak? This legendary goalkeeper, three-time Olympic champion and 10-time world champion.

Vladislav Aleksandrovich Tretiak
Vladislav Tretiak

No wonder the International Ice Hockey Federation recognized him as the best hockey player of the 20th century. But the domestic hockey success story continues. In 2014, our hockey players won the World Championship for the 5th time without losing a single game.

The rules of hockey for men are stricter, unlike for women. Only in men’s hockey is the use of physical wrestling allowed. This does not mean, of course, that everything is allowed in the fight for the puck. You can’t trip or hold your opponent up with your hands or stick or hit him. If these conditions are violated, then the player goes to the penalty bench. And then the team will have to cope on the field without him for some time.

According to the rules of the game from each team enters 6 players (5 field players and 1 goalkeeper). Each team can have 22 players for the match. So, someone has to sit on the bench and wait until he is called on the field to replace his comrades.

A hockey match consists of three periods of 20 minutes each. The breaks between periods are 15 minutes. Extra time is given by the referees if the teams draw.

When you see the hockey players moving swiftly across the court, you can’t help but forget about the weight they are carrying. Hockey equipment weighs 15 kilograms or more. The goalie’s equipment weighs almost 30 kilograms. And that’s no coincidence.

Hockey player equipment
Hockey player equipment

Solid equipment saves athletes from injuries and bruises. Therefore, hockey players, in addition to excellent skating skills, require solid physical training, and it is not lost in vain.

With a powerful blow hockey player can give the puck speed of 160 km / h, and the strongest shot in history was recorded by Canadian hockey player Bobby Hull. It is claimed that he gave the puck a velocity of 193 km/hour.

Ice hockey stick
Ice hockey stick

Isn’t it amazing how a putter can take those strokes? An important part of the stick is the hook. It is the hook that makes contact with the puck and is used to guide and pass. You can say that the hook is the active part of the stick, which is 25 to 40 cm long and has a 135 degree angle to the shaft. The hook has a bend (hook point), which allows the player to lead the puck.

In the old days, hockey sticks were made of maple or willow. A little later made of yellow birch and oak. Oak hockey sticks were especially popular because of their strength and massiveness. Then came aluminum hockey sticks and, even later, composite ones.

Composite hockey sticks are hockey sticks made from different materials that give them unique properties. The main advantage is the flexibility and strength, they help to withstand any blow.

Cape Hook
Cape Hook

Of course, high-quality sports equipment helps a team win, but it cannot replace the most important thing, the skill of the players. For example, in the USSR-Canada Super Series games in 1972 the players had no sticks made of modern composite materials, but what a level of skill they showed.

The Super Series games to this day remain one of the most important events in hockey history. That was the first time a series of matches was organized between the best players of the Soviet Union and Canada. Hockey fans simply must know about this event.

And every hockey fan should also know the little things. For example, why do pucks freeze in a special freezer before the game?

As you know, pucks are made of rubber, and rubber has a high elasticity. In other words, it is able to take its original shape after deformation. This property for pucks is simply necessary, otherwise they would break on their own or they would be broken by the hook of the hockey stick.

The elasticity of the rubber softens the impact, but it also has a negative side. The elasticity causes the puck to spring and bounce. As a result, athletes’ shots become inaccurate. A simple freeze allowed the puck to get out of this situation. After freezing, the elasticity of the puck remains at a sufficient level to soften the blow, but the bounce stops.

The temperature at which elastic materials lose their properties is called the glass transition temperature. When freezing pucks, it is important not to overdo it and not to cool them too much, because nobody wants them to break into pieces on impact. A properly frozen puck flies exactly where the hockey players send it. It’s not without reason that scorers are said to have a “sniper’s” shot.

Develop speed, reaction and marksmanship, and other qualities should be developed from childhood, because quality training is very important for future hockey players.

A hockey player must be hardy, focused and strong. He should not only excel on skates, he must master the stick and be ready for power struggle with an opponent. To achieve this requires a comprehensive training. But, to begin with, it is worth learning to skate, especially since skating can be practiced from the age of 4 years.

The first hockey training begins at the age of 5 or 6. Since this sport requires compliance with safety requirements, the sports bag of a young hockey player is quite heavy. Of course, juniors are still far away from adult equipment, but for children come up with a lot of protective gear.

Hockey is a very common sport and equipment can be found or ordered in almost every sports store. Almost every city in our country has a hockey team and more than one hockey section. Almost everyone can become a hockey player, if only there was the desire and determination!

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About hockey


Hockey is a game sport in which teams use their sticks to try to score as many goals as possible. There are several variations of the game: puck hockey or ice hockey, field hockey, quad hockey or roller hockey, street hockey, ball hockey, table hockey, ball hockey, sledge hockey, and even underwater hockey.

If we proceed from the opinion of the International Ice Hockey Federation, our compatriot Vladislav Tretiak became the best hockey player of the 20th century. But it seems to us more fair to name the symbolic team of the century, as each player in this list has unique achievements in his role: Goalie - Vladislav Tretiak (Russia); Defenders - Vyacheslav Fetisov (Russia) and Boerje Salming (Sweden); Wingers - Valery Kharlamov (Russia) and Sergey Makarov (Russia); Center Forward - Wayne Gretzky (Canada).

A team's strength changes from time to time due to changes in players, physical and mental condition. Nevertheless, there is an IIHF ranking that determines the relative strength of teams at the moment. The top five teams for 2022 are: Finland, Canada, Russia, USA and Sweden.

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