Rules of basketball: regulations and rules of the game, types of violations

Rules of basketball

In the article “Rules of basketball” we will tell the basic rules of the game, touch on the regulations, talk about the main violations in basketball.

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Basketball has come a long way in its 100+ years of history. It has become faster, more difficult, and, well, more spectacular. The rules of the game have also changed.

Basketball court

Basketball is played on a 28 by 15 meter court. Detailed markings are shown in the picture below.

Basketball court
Basketball court

The following figure visually shows the zone for 3-point and 2-point shots.

Scoring zone in basketball
Scoring zone in basketball

The basketball hoop must be cushioned and placed 3.05 meters (10 feet) high and the backboard (1.8*1.05 meters) at 2.9 meters.

Basketball Regulations

  • Each team consists of 5 field players and 7 substitutes (including doctor and coach). The total team composition should not exceed 12 people.
  • The team with the most points wins the game.
  • Substitutions in a game can be made an unlimited number of times.
  • The match consists of 4 periods of 10 minutes net time. The break between periods 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 is 2 minutes. Between periods 2 and 3 it is 15 minutes.
  • Teams switch baskets during the big break.
  • If the score is tied after 4 periods, an additional period (overtime) of 5 minutes is scheduled to determine the winner.
  • Each team is entitled to 5 timeouts during regular time (2 in the first 20 minutes and 3 in the second) and 1 in extra time.
  • Before the game a technical break of 20 minutes is appointed. During this time, the coach must give the referee a full team composition, determine the team captain, assign a player for free throws.
  • A player who commits 5 fouls must be replaced within 30 seconds.
  • The team may be assigned a team foul if the team has committed more than 4 fouls in the period. Each subsequent foul is punished by 2 penalty shots.
  • Only the team doctor is allowed on the field without the permission of the referee and only if a player is injured.
  • Each infraction in the game is fixed by the referee’s whistle and the countdown timer stops.

Basic rules of basketball

The match begins with a throw-in in the center of the field. For each successful throw from the two-point zone the team receives 2 points, from the three-point zone – three points. Penalty shots are worth 1 point.

Each team has 24 seconds per attack. Each team has 14 seconds for a second attack (if a shot is made and the ball touches the ring).

The time for the team to cross the center line is 8 seconds, and the ball is not allowed to return to their half of the court after crossing. The player has only 3 seconds for the shot in the opponent’s face zone (trapeze in front of the ring). The player has 5 seconds for the introduction of the ball from behind the sideline and for a pass in case of close guarding by the opponent.

During the game, the referee keeps a close eye on the players’ handling of the ball. According to the rules allowed 1 time to hit the ball on the floor and take 2 steps. It is not allowed to handle the ball with both hands simultaneously, hit it with your fist and play with your feet (exception: accidental hit on the leg).

Basketball score
Basketball score

If a player catches the ball with both hands after hitting the floor, he is allowed to turn around without taking his foot off the floor and pass to a teammate. Otherwise the referee will give possession of the ball to an opponent who will throw it in from behind the sideline.

In the game there is also such a concept as “hindrance of the ball”. The ball cannot be obstructed in free fall: if it has touched the ring, shield or has a trajectory of flight that is higher than the height of the ring.

“Dispute ball” is a situation in which two players hold the ball tightly with both hands and do not allow each other to take full possession of it. A contested ball is played with a throw-in.

Substitutions can be made while the timer is stopped.

Fouls in basketball

The full team, both on the field of play and on the bench must comply with the rules of the game, respect the opponent, the game as a whole, behave with dignity.

There are several types of fouls:

  1. Personal foul (a player commits illegal actions during the game in relation to an opponent: pushing, tripping, interfering with movement, blocking, exposing various parts of the body, etc.). The penalty is passing the ball to the opponent or taking a penalty shot (for a foul during a throw-in).
  2. Double Foul (players commit a foul at the same time). Both players are penalized.
  3. Technical foul (displaying aggression, violation of rules, delay of play, simulation, showing disrespect for the referee and his decisions). Is punished by a foul for the team and 1 penalty shot. All violations on the bench are recorded on the team coach.
  4. Unsportsmanlike foul (deliberate action against an opponent to interrupt active actions). Punishable by a free throw depending on the situation. If the ball in the ring, then 1 shot, if not, can be assigned and 2 and 3 throws. Penalty shots are made by the player, on whom the rules were violated.
  5. Disqualifying foul (blatant and violent behavior, both in the game and on the bench). Punishable by a player’s suspension for the rest of the game and, in most cases, 2 free throws.
  6. Fighting. The penalty is a disqualifying foul to the coach.

Rules of basketball (video)


Indeed, the numbers 1, 2, 3 are not used in basketball. This is done to avoid confusion in the gestures shown by the referee. According to the rules of the game, the referee shows the match secretary in the form of gestures the number of basketball players, the number of points scored, violations of the rules, the number of free throws.

Shirts in basketball are tucked into shorts for athlete safety. When dribbling, the defensive athlete can get his fingers caught in the jersey and sometimes get caught in the jersey, which can lead to fractures.

This is a stereotype that has nothing to do with the game or the players' abilities. It is all about the popularization of the sport among a certain race. The fact is that it was difficult for black people to get good jobs in the United States, and they were promoted through sports and music. So rap and basketball is a subculture of natives of Africa, but at least Eminem and the 1972 USSR national basketball team can argue with that.

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