Rules of golf: brief rules of the game, equipment, inventory

Rules of Golf

In the article “Rules of golf” we will explain in plain language the basic rules of the game of golf, consider the equipment and inventory, talk about the score of the game.

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Golf is one of the oldest sports games in the world. Many people may think that the rules of this game are very complicated and difficult to understand. In fact, the basic rules of golf are very simple, and the complexity lies in the details, so to speak, in the details.

Golf Course

Golf hole
Golf hole

The course is covered with special grass, which is the product of many years of genetics. Golf is actually a large-scale game, the length of a standard course is 7.5 km, an area of 75 hectares. The course is divided into plots, usually 18, each of them has 1 hole, which is marked with a flag.

Each area has three zones, the starting tee, the main fairway and the green. On the green and is the very hole in which the player must drive his ball. On the green, the grass is cut very short, and is a perfect lawn.

The main area, the fairway, contains various barriers, water barriers, sand barriers, as well as trees, bushes, and tall grass.

Golf Course
Golf Course

The beauty of golf is that no two holes in the world are exactly alike. Every golf course is different, and each one is designed to make the game more interesting and challenging.

Golf equipment

Golf clothing is regulated by each individual club, but in most cases a golfer must look neat and not wear a tracksuit. Sometimes clubs allow you to wear shorts. In most cases, clothing consists of a polo shirt and pants.

A playing glove is used to make a more confident hit with the stick, it serves to keep a constant grip. Made of genuine leather, but can also be made of synthetic materials.

The most popular golf shoes are leather studded shoes closed.

Clubs. There are clubs for long shots, for short accurate strokes, clubs for sand, for grass. There are only four types of clubs: “wood”, “iron”, “wedge” and “putter”.

Types of golf clubs
Types of golf clubs

Each species is further subdivided into subspecies or varieties. For example, there can be 10 varieties of irons alone. The game is allowed to use up to 14 different clubs.

Golf ball
Golf ball

The golf ball has a unique structure with notches that allow it to develop greater speed due to its aerodynamic properties.

The golf ball is considered to be the fastest in the world, neither soccer nor basketball can be compared with it. Its flight speed is 70 m/s, ie about 250 km per hour, which is equal to the speed of a racing car.

In addition, the game uses bags, carts, which allow you to carry clubs. Players can use ball coasters, ball marker, use household items, wear hats, use an umbrella when it rains, etc.

Basic rules of golf

The goal of the game is to put the ball in the hole in the minimum number of strokes. The game is won by the one who scores the least number of points. Points are calculated according to the following rules:

Points in golf
Points in golf

Each hole is evaluated by weight. The weight is determined in pairs. The more strokes the tournament rules require a player to take on a hole, the easier it is to pass it with a lower score.

If a player passes a hole with a lower number of strokes, he is awarded a negative number of points. If he passes the hole with the same number of strokes as the par, he is awarded 0 points. With a higher number of strokes, the total score will increase in the positive direction.

A good golfer should have a negative balance for 18 holes. An average player will have a positive score. The one with the lower score or negative score will win. A sample scoring pattern is shown below.

Good golfer

Golf score (good)
Golf score (good)

Average golfer

Golf Score (Average)
Golf Score (Average)

The game looks roughly like this:

First, the ball is on the launch pad. A player hits it with his stick and sends it flying. His task is to make the ball land on the main court, preferably on the first shot. Then the player takes a few strokes through the fairway, which are different obstacles. And finally, when the ball is on the green, roll it into the hole.


After the player puts the ball in the hole, he moves on to the next section, another hole. Depending on where the ball ends up after the next shot, the player chooses the club for the next shot.

In golf, it is customary that the player who is farthest from the hole, made his shot on the ball first. Players alternate their strokes until both have shot their balls.

The golden rule of golf states that players must play the ball as it lies. It must not be moved or the environment around it changed to create an advantage or convenience in hitting. Failure to do so will result in a 2-stroke penalty.

A penalty is also charged for the number of clubs (more than 14) worn by the caddy (the player’s assistant), for a lost ball (you can’t find your ball for 5 minutes), for getting into the water, for getting into an area from which it is impossible to make a shot.

Basically, penalties are assigned in the form of a free kick record (+1). If a player falls into water or impassable terrain, the ball is considered lost, the player is awarded a penalty, and he repeats the kick from the point from which he made it before or uses the nearest point from the obstacle (relief).

The difficulty of the game lies in making accurate shots, picking the right stick, and knowing how to calculate everything down to the millimeter. The weather in the game makes adjustments, and usually the game does not stop because of it. The total duration of a match is from 4 hours.

Dress code, etiquette and rules of golf


There are several varieties and formats of the game. The most popular types are "match play" and "stroke play". In the first variant, the one who first drives the ball into the last hole wins, and in the second, the winner is the player with the lowest score. Golf can be played one-on-one, in pairs, or in teams.

Yes, it is held on an annual basis. In 2022, the 31st Russian Golf Championship was held on the LINKS National course (Moscow region). The winner in the men's division was David Nagiev and the winner in the women's division was Ekaterina Malakhova. To participate in the tournament you have to apply through the official website of the Golf Association of Russia and pay the fee of 10 000 rubles. In addition, the youth championship and the Cup of Russia are held in our country.

There are currently 32 golf courses in Russia. 18 of them are in Moscow and the Moscow region, 6 in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, 3 courses in the Crimea, 4 in the Krasnoyarsk region and 2 in the Krasnodar region. There are also golf clubs in Belgorod, Kaluga, Rostov, Tver and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Ossetia.

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