The most useful sport

Самый полезный вид спорта

In the article “The most useful sport” we will tell you about the most beneficial sports for the body, based on research by scientists.

In 2018, VCIOM (All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion) conducted a study, which found that in Russia, the percentage of people who do sports is 60%.

Why do people do sports? As a rule, there are several main reasons for each person. Let’s list the main ones: improving health, good mood, raising self-esteem, saturating the body with oxygen, improving appearance, normalizing sleep, recovering after an illness.

Research in sports
Research in sports

Naturally, when choosing a sport, people ask the question, “What sport is the most beneficial?” In our article, we will try to answer this question from a scientific point of view. A study conducted by scientists from the UK and Australia will help us.

Scientists conducted research from 1994 to 2008 inclusive to analyze the impact of sports on life expectancy, to reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD). There were 80,306 participants in the observation, where the number of women was 43,705 (age 37 to 67 years) and 36,601 men (age 38 to 66 years).

Throughout the study, men and women played sports in the most popular sports (26 in total). The results can be found in the table below.

The most useful sport (table)

Type of sportReducing CVDDecrease in mortality
Running45%*от 27% до 44%*
Rocket sports (Badminton, Tennis)59%47%
Aerobic sports (gymnastics, fitness, dance, fitness, basketball*)36%27%
Cyclingnot significantly15%
Soccer20%*was not conducted
Power sportsnot significantlynot significantly

* – Correction of the study from 2014. The original observation included men and women who had been running for no more than 1 month, and soccer for no more than 3% of the total number of participants. A sport such as basketball was added and clarified.

Did you know what?
The youngest Olympic medalist was a 10-year-old boy named Dimitrios Lundras. He played for the Greek national gymnastics team and managed to win a bronze medal in the team competition in 1896.

As you can see from the table above, it is the rocket sports that have the greatest effect on health. According to scientists, improvements in health are observed in all sports with high motor intensity.

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As for strength sports, scientists have come to the conclusion that this kind of sport has no direct influence on premature mortality. But it is recommended to use strength training together with aerobic sports, a kind of a combined sport, which will help to strengthen the whole body. When choosing a combined sport it is necessary to take into account the direct contraindications for each of the sports.

In general, the research of scientists from Great Britain and Australia was quite unexpected. The result influenced a deeper analysis of the data obtained and the subsequent adjustment from 2014.

We have no reason to trust or not to trust the scientists, because we need to take into account the sample, the level of involvement. For example, there is a study specifically in professional soccer, which confirms that the most popular sport reduces the risk of getting CVD by 20%, and lung cancer by 50%.

Anyway, the best way to prolong your life is to do moderate physical activity every 8 hours. In other words, you should take 2-3 breaks of 30-60 minutes every day for fitness, walks in the fresh air, and yoga. This is exactly what they do in Japan, and they are known for longevity.

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