Formula One season 2023: driver standings, calendar, constructors’ cup

Формула 1 в сезоне 2023

“Formula One season 2023” is the current statistics of the 74th Formula 1 World Championship (Individual and Constructors’ Cup).

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Driver Standings

1Max Verstappen575
2Sergio Perez285
3Lewis Hamilton234
4Fernando Alonso206
5Charles Leclerc206
6Lando Norris205
7Carlos Sainz200
8George Russell175
9Oscar Piastri97
10Lance Stroll74
11Pierre Gasly62
12Esteban Ocon58
13Alex Albon27
14Yuki Tsunoda17
15Valtteri Bottas10
16Nico Hulkenberg9
17Daniel Ricciardo6
18Guanyu Zhou6
19Kevin Magnussen3
20Liam Lawson2

Constructor Standings

1Red Bull860
5Aston Martin280
9Alfa Romeo16

Calendar for the season:

Grand PrixRace date
1Bahrain Grand Prix5 March
2Saudi Arabian Grand Prix19 March
3Australian Grand Prix2 April
4Azerbaijan Grand Prix30 April
5Miami Grand Prix7 May
6Emilia Romagna Grand Prix21 May
7Monaco Grand Prix28 May
8Spanish Grand Prix4 June
9Canadian Grand Prix18 June
10Austrian Grand Prix2 July
11British Grand Prix9 July
12Hungarian Grand Prix23 July
13Belgian Grand Prix30 July
14Dutch Grand Prix27 August
15Italian Grand Prix3 September
16Singapore Grand Prix17 September
17Japanese Grand Prix24 September
18Qatar Grand Prix8 October
19United States Grand Prix22 October
20Mexico City Grand Prix29 October
21São Paulo Grand Prix5 November
22Las Vegas Grand Prix18 November
23Abu Dhabi Grand Prix26 November

The 2023 season is over!

World Champion: Max Verstappen

Constructors Cup: Red Bull

Formula 1 (AI)
Formula 1 (AI)

Formula 1 (F1) is the annual world championship of motor racing in the F1 class (Formula 1), which is held under the rules of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in a series of races. The 2023 season consists of 23 rounds and will begin on March 5th (Bahrain Grand Prix) and end on November 26th (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix).

For the title of World Champion will fight for 20 pilots, and for the Cup of Constructors 10 teams. Every driver wins the race for 25 points, and 1 point for 10th place. Another extra point can be earned for the best lap if the driver finishes the race in the top ten.

In the sprint races (100 km race without podium and pit stop), the winner receives 8 points in his credit, and 1 point for eighth place. In the season 2023, the sprint will be held in Baku, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, USA and Brazil.

Each team can have 2 pilots in the Grand Prix. The points scored by both pilots go to the total table of the Constructors’ Cup. At the end of the season, the Cup is won by the team, which will be at the top of the overall standings among the teams. The World Champion is the driver who at the end of the season will be at the top of the individual standings.

The most titled sportsmen in the history of F1 are Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Each has seven world championship titles to his credit. In the 2022 season the Dutch racer Max Verstappen became the world champion for the second time in a row, and the Austrian Red Bull car racing team won the Constructors’ Cup.

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Formula One season 2022 (World Champion: Max Verstappen; Constructors Cup: Red Bull)

Formula One season 2023 (World Champion: Max Verstappen; Constructors Cup: Red Bull)

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